Published Work & Other Writings


I’m a staff writer for the media company WaitWhat and for the property Masters of Scale, a show about the human side of entrepreneurship, hosted by Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn. I help write episodes, conduct research and interviews, app courses, and a bunch of other stuff. I also write for Masters of Scale: Rapid Response hosted by Bob Safian, former Editor of Fast Company and Founder of The Flux Group.

See the list of episodes here. I started around the time the CEO of Moderna Stéphane Bancel’s episode aired. Some other favs from the archive: Franklin Leonard on the creation of The Black List, Stacey Abrams on her life as an entrepreneur, Chobani’s Hamdi Ulukaya, and Spanx’s Sara Blakely.

Interested in becoming a Masters of Scale member and gaining access to the app? See that here in the Apple App Store.

See WaitWhat’s other work in Spark & Fire, a podcast on learning about creativity from the worlds best artists and Meditative Story, a podcast that combines mindfulness lessons within compelling stories.


Check out my personal Substack newsletter, Tuck Talk. Here, I write about what’s going on in my life, what I am reading, lessons in how to be open minded, research on business and science and the arts. It’s an eclectic catch all for all my observations. Here are some of my favorite posts:

Best from Alabama Public Radio & Crimson White

Other Publications and Writings

Why Diabetics are Resorting to Pre-Insulin Survival Tactics published by Pens and (now defunct website)

Gäten Dugas: Outlaw of AIDS. A piece of writing I did for a graduate class that I just can’t let disappear into the maw of deleted emails on campus. I liked writing it too much.

Book Review for Black Warrior Review: Why Women have better sex under socialism

And hey, I was once in the New York Times for my style and fashion! See what my partner, my sister, and I wore to a wedding with an interesting dress code. We’re # 5 on the list. My wife, Meg, got to wear her wedding dress–the best wedding dress in the history of weddings.